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Most Helpful

How come my bottle is not filled to the top and looks partially empty?


How can I be sure that the dose is actually gets ingested?

What is the best way to dispense my drops?

Should I shake the bottle to get the drop out?

Health and Safety

My bottle was left outside, is it still alright?

What happens if too many drops were taken?

How long is the bottle good for after being opened?

What if there has been a reaction to the product?

How come my bottle is not filled to the top and looks partially empty?

How should products be stored?

When should I contact my healthcare practitioner?

About Ddrops Company

Has the FDA given these products an NDC code?

What is your cookie policy?

How do I know if the product I purchased is authentic?

Dosing and Recommendations

Where can I learn about the current recommended guidelines?

Vitamin D Products

What is the source of the vitamin D3 used in Ddrops® products?

What are the differences between Ddrops® products?

I have an allergy. Can I still take Vitamin D Ddrops®?

What are the ingredients in Ddrops®?

Why do infants and children need vitamin D?

Can I give Ddrops® together with other multivitamins?

How much vitamin D should I give my child?

What are Vegan Ddrops®?

DHA Products

How do I use Thinkmist?

What are the ingredients in Thinkmist?

What is the source of the ingredients in Thinkmist?

Why doesn't Thinkmist have any other vitamins in it, like vitamin D?

At what age can I start giving my child Thinkmist?

Can I give Thinkmist to my baby while breastfeeding?

Can I give Thinkmist together with infant formula and/or a multivitamin?

How long do I have to take DHA for?

I have an allergy, can I take Thinkmist?

What is the difference between EPA and DHA?

How is Thinkmist tested?

What does “triglyceride form” mean?

Fish oil, PUFA, omega 3s, DHA, EPA, ALA…what does it all mean?


Are Ddrops® products covered by insurance?

How can I provide feedback about my experience on your website?

My Order

Can I change my order?

Why didn't I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?

How can I cancel my order?

Where can I find my order?

I have a special instruction for delivery, how do I communicate them?

Heathcare Program

How does the sample program work?

We can’t accept samples; can we order brochures only?

Does Thinkmist® come in a sample format?

Who can set up an account?

One of our physicians has left our practice and we would still like to receive samples. Is there anything we need to do?

We have more than one location, how do we sign up additional practices?

How do I make changes to my account?

Can I get samples and/or materials shipped to my home?

When should I expect my sample order?

Do I have to set up an account to order samples?

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